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About Cinnamon Stitching

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Based in the beautiful West Sussex countryside, our designs are contemporary, fresh and inspired by a love of the nature around us together with the amazing colour schemes this offers.


We want our kits and patterns to be appealing and achievable for stitchers of all abilities. We aim to give a sense of enjoyment and to provide our customers with the opportunity to fulfil their creative spirit while relaxing and stitching beautiful designs.


Our kits contain all the materials that a new or more advanced stitcher needs to complete the project. They are produced in our own studio using high quality materials, sourced where possible, from local suppliers. 


We were thrilled to be featured in the Cosmopolitan Top 10 UK embroidery kits and we have also been featured in a number of the popular embroidery and cross stitch magazines, including Love Embroidery, Cross Stitcher and Cross Stitch Crazy. 


At Cinnamon Stitching we are always trying to do our bit to look after the planet and the beautiful environment we are surrounded by. We use UK suppliers as much as possible, to ensure that we support UK businesses and also to keep our ‘product miles’ as low as possible. We have also been working to remove all plastics and synthetics from our products. 


Our embroidery fabrics are 100% cotton and all embroidery threads are either DMC Mouline, which are 100% cotton, or Appleton's crewel wool produced from 100% British wool and dyed and produced in the UK.


We have now managed to locate a supplier for compostable presentation bags, so once we have used up our current supply of plastic bags these will be replaced with a more environmentally friendly alternative.  

About Janet Felix

As founder and owner of Cinnamon Stitching my passion is creating fresh embroidery and cross stitch designs that can be enjoyed by everyone and that bring a smile to your face as you are stitching.


My sewing ‘career’ started early in life. I come from a family where sitting doing nothing, or saying ‘I’m bored’ was frowned upon when I was a child and not being at all sporty I found a love of crafting and making things. My Mum still has some of my early attempts around the house! 

winter satin stitch.jpg
summer satin stitch.jpg

A couple of my early embroideries

It was also my Mum who taught me the basics of needlework and I was often to be found making outfits for my dolls. It was in my mid-teens that I came to realise that sewing was something I wanted to make time to do rather than just filling in a gap between other activities. I ‘inherited’ a chest of dress making fabrics from an old family friend and I suddenly realised that I could turn this into a new and unique set of clothes.


Dress making was my creative outlet for many years, but as I got older and both my waistline and finances grew this took a back seat for a time while and when my step children came to live with us there was no longer time for these pastimes.


My love of creating unique embroidery and cross stitch designs came when I started creating Christmas and birthday cards for my family, but found I couldn’t find designs that reflected what I wanted to stitch.


From there it was a short step from using these designs just for my own benefit to starting to offer them for sale and now the final step has been to turn many of these into kits for everyone to enjoy.


These days if I’m not designing or stitching, I’m to be found playing or cuddling with my beautiful cocker spaniel Barney.

cinnamon stitching embroidery kits
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